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Female Leaders May Face More Scrutiny At Work

On behalf of , P.C. posted in discrimination and harassment on Wednesday, October 23, 2019.

Female bosses in California and throughout the country are more likely to face discrimination from both male and female employees. This was the key takeaway from a study that involved 2,700 workers. These individuals were hired to transcribe receipts, and some of them received feedback from the person who they thought was their manager for the project. It was discovered that workers were more likely to react negatively to poor or critical feedback from a female manager.

They were also more likely to indicate that they wouldn’t work for the company again in the future. It is thought that people tend to react harshly to negative feedback given by a woman because people associate women with being positive. An inability to accept criticism from a woman could be problematic for those who are in leadership roles, and it could make them less likely to want to pursue them.

However, research indicates that discrimination tends to become less of an issue the younger a person is. This suggests that attitudes could be changing about how workers view their interactions with a female superior. Of course, it could also indicate that discrimination doesn’t become a problem until a person gets older. Furthermore, companies are taking steps to make sure that employees focus more on what they are being told as opposed to who is delivering the message.

Individuals who experience sexual harassment or other forms of discrimination on the job may wish to pursue legal action against their employer. Examples of discrimination may include the termination of pregnant workers or the failure to promote those who have children. Lewd jokes or comments may also be an indication of harassment or discrimination on the job. An attorney may help a worker obtain a favorable outcome either in court or through a settlement.

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