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Experienced Representation In Sexual Harassment Cases

Sexual harassment has become an important topic in workplaces across the country. Men and women who have been victimized by such behavior by co-workers or employers need to know there are things they can do to ensure that bad actors are held accountable for their conduct.

The experienced lawyers at the Law Office of David C. Winton, have represented parties on either side of this issue in workplaces throughout the San Francisco Bay area, Novato, Sacramento, and Lake Tahoe. Our legal team understands how to closely examine the facts of these cases to best determine a logical course of action focused on getting you results.

What Is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment exists in many forms. A manager or other high-ranking employee may promise a raise or career advancement in exchange for sexual favors. Employees may suffer unwanted sexual attention from co-workers or managers, making it difficult for them to perform their duties in the workplace.

If an employee has notified an employer that such behavior is occurring, the employer must take action to prevent the conduct from continuing. Employers cannot punish or terminate employees for filing such complaints.

These cases are often extremely complicated and involve many layers that must be carefully analyzed to learn what sort of claims a worker may have against an employer. If you find yourself in such a position, know that we are here to be strong advocates for you and your rights. We are committed to helping you make workplaces throughout the region better for all employees.

Free Consultations Available

If you believe you may have a valid claim regarding sexual harassment in the workplace, please call our office at 415-985-2111 or send us an email to arrange a time to speak to one of our attorneys.

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