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Assisting With All Aspects Of Business Contracts

All businesses have some type of contractual relationship with other parties that they depend upon to keep things up and running. If a person or party fails to perform according to the contract terms, it could lead to serious problems that significantly affect the bottom line.

Should you find yourself facing a difficult question regarding a business contract, reach out to the experienced attorneys at the Law Office of David C. Winton. Our lawyers have more than six decades of combined legal experience taking on challenging legal problems for individuals and businesses throughout Novato, the San Francisco Bay area, Sacramento and the I-80 corridor, including Lake Tahoe.

Helping You Protect Your Interests

Whether you need help negotiating a contract or enforcing contract terms against another party to a contract, we are here to take whatever steps are necessary to help you minimize the impact and problems these disputes may cause.

We work with individual employees and businesses with a host of different matters connected to business contracts, including:

  • Negotiating the terms of a contract
  • Drafting the language of a contract
  • Reviewing the terms and offering advice regarding the responsibilities detailed in the contract
  • Assisting with obtaining a release from items such as noncompetes or other restrictive covenants
  • Litigating any disputes that arise due to nonperformance or a failure to honor the obligations included in the contract

We will examine the situation to determine exactly what options we feel best apply to your specific case. We will discuss the particular strategy that we feel would be the most effective in your case and then work tirelessly to resolve things without having to resort to litigation. If your dispute requires a trial, we will be ready to advance your interests in court.

Learn More About What We Can Do To Help

If you or your company needs help with any issue connected to a business contract, reach out to our experienced lawyers by calling 415-985-2111 or by sending us an email to find a time that works for you.

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