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How Common Is Sexual Harassment In The Architecture Industry?

On behalf of , P.C. posted in discrimination and harassment on Wednesday, November 7, 2018.

A recent survey looked at sexual harassment in the field of architecture. The survey suggests that such harassment is very prevalent in this field.

Among the people polled in the survey were around 600 architects and architectural designers. Of these architecture professionals, around two-thirds reported having been sexually harassed.

Reports of sexual harassment were particularly common among the female respondents to the survey. Of the women surveyed, 85 said they had been harassed.

Meanwhile, of the male respondents to the survey, 25 percent reported having experienced sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment is not a problem that just a few industries have. Sadly, there are a wide range of professions where workplace sexual harassment has a big presence.

However, each profession can have its own particular factors contributing to the problem of sexual harassment. What things about the architectural field do you think are contributing to the prevalence of harassment within the field? Given such factors, what do you think would go the farthest in reducing harassment in this industry?

Workers in any industry who have been subjected to sexual harassment on the job can have legal options for fighting against the harassing conduct. However, challenges can arise when pursuing these routes. Sexual harassment claims can raise complicated issues and workers can sometimes encounter obstructionist behavior from employers when pursuing such claims.

However, workers do not have to try to overcome such challenges all on their own. They can turn to skilled employment law attorneys for help in their battle against workplace harassment.

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